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Website with a collection of interesting and potentially useful articles about chaos magic. I highly recommend it; this page really shaped my perspective on magic when I was younger, and I found most of the articles to be a fun read.


Has basic information about thousands of deities across a variety of pantheons. Probably more of a scholarly resource than an occult one, but interesting (and possibly useful) nonetheless.

Hermetic Library

Absolutely essential source of information on various traditions, rituals, et cetera. The website mostly covers Western esotericism, being an especially authoritative source on Hermeticism (obviously) and Thelema.


Hosts materials about a range of various topics, from philosophy to magic. Their library section is particularly impressive, in my opinion.

Imperial Arts

The blog of a magician experienced in Abrahamic magic, primarily covering Goetia and other topics related to Solomonic workings.


A source on a few different sects of western ceremonial magic, with a heavy focus on the OTO and Thelemic workings. The website also has a handful of interesting tools, such as a table containing information various spirits as well as a astrological "clock" for calculating planetary positions.

Los 72 Demonios del Rey Salomón

A detailed Spanish index of the 72 Goetic daemons. Contains astrological, elemental, and color correspondences for each daemon; as well as sigils, mantras, and other important information.

Magickal Correspondences

An impressively sized list of the correspondences of various stones, deities, intents, et cetera. A great resource for someone who needs quick information about a variety of topics.

Real Rune Magick

Good resource on anything rune-related, although there is a strong peppering of right-wing ideas (particularly Nazism) that tends to be found amongst more traditionalist Germanic pagans. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in a more "volkisch" perspective on working with the runes.

Seals of Solomon

A list of the seals of Solomon from the Key of Solomon. Approach these with caution, especially if you don't know what you're doing. If you know what these are, the website speaks for itself; description need not apply.

Temple of Solomon the King

Contains various books in PDF format -- primarily on western ceremonial magic -- from a variety of authors.

The Gnosis Archive

Excellent resource on Gnostic thought and religion. I've found good resources on Gnosticism to be hard to come by, so someone might appreciate this as well.


Austin Osman Spare's Death Posture

This page details the steps of Austin Osman Spare's "death posture". Used to achieve a trance state/gnosis. From my experience, this is a notably powerful method when combined with sigil creation.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Quintessential ritual for beginners and adepts alike. It really lives up to its name; I've used it to banish malevolent entities on several occasions. Coincidentally, it's also a great ritual for cleansing spaces of negativity. Several traditionalist ceremonial magick circles I've been around recommend that an initiate perform the LBRP either weekly or daily for an extended time before moving on to larger rituals; the Order of the Golden Dawn said 6 months, if my (admittedly faulty) memory recalls correctly.

Middle Pillar Ritual

All-purpose self cleansing and empowerment ritual. I recommend using it before rituals in order to give your workings a bit of extra power.

Supernova Banishing Ritual

Interesting take on a banishing ritual. I used it once a while back to some effect; I recall feeling fatigued for a couple days afterwards, but not much else (although my sense of energy wasn't as refined back then as it is now).


Fede's Ultimate Superior Tupper Guide

The one, the only, the ever-controversial Fede's Guide. Like MKUltra, but repurposed for tulpa creation. Definitely an interesting read but I suggest it less as a serious method to be followed since I personally find binaurals to be taken with either a grain of salt or significant precautions. However, it's still an interesting footnote in the "history" of tulpa formation guides.

Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide to Tulpas

One of the most thorough guides to tulpa creation I've ever read. Covers the basics of making a tulpa as well as a variety of more "advanced" techniques. Admittedly, I consider the metaphysical implications of a tulpa (especially one turned 'hostile') to be somewhat dangerous if you don't know exactly what you're getting into, so consider such a thing with caution.

Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality (Guide)

Provides interesting insights on the art of tulpa creation, as well as a variety of interesting methods for doing so. Contains a useful -- albeit short -- glossary that readers may find of use when reading other tulpa-related pages.

Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide

This page focuses on a specific technique known as "image streaming". While normally used for improving visual cognition, this guide shows how to utilize it to improve visualization of a tulpa. I find the psychological aspect of the paper very intriguing, and the lessons taught in using visualization can also apply to magick if one is willing to experiment a bit.

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